Whether you're looking for dance classes for toddlers, kids, teens or adults, you'll definitely be able to find a class here that you and your child will love!

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We specialize in teaching toddlers, kids and teens how to dance, as well as provide them with a positive environment, so that they can develop skills and confidence.

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Our popular preschool class presenting the basics of dance, coordination and rhythm through movement and songs they love. Dancers learn basic ballet steps and terminology, providing them with a strong dance foundation. Each class meets the needs of the 2.5 to 4.5 year old’s development. Our goal is to inspire movement and creativity in a positive, FUN environment!

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A classical dance form requiring grace and precision. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. These classes offer a strong focus on technique and musicality. Dancers learn barre work, centre floor work, and across the floor combinations in these classes.

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Jazz class offers a strong focus on traditional and current jazz disciplines in technique, stretch and strength training. In these classes the dancer will turn, kick, and leap to age-appropriate popular music.

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Tap is the art of dancing and making music! The feet are our instruments. These classes focus on developing strong tap sounds and rhythm training in the centre and across the floor.

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Lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics so that it inspires expression of strong emotions the choreographer/dancers feel from the lyrics of the song. This style concentrates on an expressiveness of emotions such as love, joy, hurt, or anger. Lyrical is introduced as dancers have built a strong foundation and maturity.

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A street style dance class with a relaxed but fun atmosphere! Dancers work on their strength and cardio through energetic warm ups. They dance across the floor working on musicality, accent work, tricks, and footwork. Classes are finished up with combos in various sub-genres of hip-hop.

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Our Acro curriculum focuses on the safe development of acrobatic skills, flexibility, and confidence. In each class, dancers are challenged to work on strength, flexibility, balancing skills, limbering movements, and tumbling!

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There are SO many jumps, leaps and turns out there and SO little time to learn them all! Our Jumps/Leaps/Turns classes provide a great opportunity for dancers to focus solely upon their jumps, leaps and turns and further advance their technical skills that will most commonly come in handy for Jazz and Lyrical choreography.

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In this class, dancers will work specifically on improving both their strength and flexibility, two skills that are vital to technical achievement in all styles of dance.

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We offer a variety of different classes for adults, including Adult Tap, Adult Hip Hop and Ballet Fit. The main goal of our adult classes is for our adult students to have fun while getting in some great exercise! We accept students into our adult program with all different levels of past dance experience, including those who have none.

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Members of our competitive team are NOT chosen solely based upon technical dance ability. When selecting new members for our team, we search for dancers that are passionate, dedicated and driven. Talent can only get you so far; hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

We hold our competitive team dancers to the highest standard, both as athletes and as teammates. We expect that all members of our competitive team exhibit behaviors that are in line with our studio's core values, show great work ethic and serve as excellent role models and leaders.

Auditions for our 2022-2023 team will be held on Sunday, May 22nd.

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